Laureen Topalian Bensaid - Jeune Homme dessin persan
Laureen Topalian Bensaid
Jeune Homme dessin persan

Jeune Homme dessin persan

Young man
Original Persian drawing in Sefevid or Safavid style. This painting is not a copy, but on original one !
Watercolor and gold ink on paper.

The painting measures: 9,84 x 3,94 inches
The frame measures: 12,40 x 10 inches
More than twenty years ago I began to paint persian miniatures.
Initially destined to illustrate manuscripts, the miniatures were framed with one or several very thin golden border lines. The Persian painter started the frame before creating the composition, thus he opened a window to another world.
As a matter of fact, before anything else, Persian painting is the logic of forms and colors assembled in a specific order, the subject being only a pretext to show the artist’s mystical conception of world and nature through purity of form and color.
I love this way of immaterial representation of things and beings, without any shade or light.
Drawing…colors…gold and silver.
"I don’t want to be a tree, I want to be its meaning (I am a tree)",
Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red
© Laureen Topalian Bensaid

Jeune homme
Ce Jeune homme est peint dans le style des miniatures persanes de l'époque Séfévide ou Safavide.
Cette composition est un travail original, ce n'est pas la copie d’œuvre ancienne !

Aquarelle et encre dorée sur papier.

La peinture mesure 25 x 10 cm
Le cadre mesure: 31,5 cm x 25,5 cm
550 EUR